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Crews Working To Fill Potholes All Over Baltimore City

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- If you've been out driving lately, you know the harsh winter has caused major potholes. Crews are struggling to keep up.

Tracey Leong has more on the mess.

The city had an enormous job this season. Their centers flooding with calls to deal with the effects of the brutal cold. Now entering stage two of winter recovery, which is pothole repair.

Our roads taking a major beating this winter. As the snow starts to disappear, the battle scars emerge, revealing streets riddled with potholes.

"This is indicative of the type of damage that all of the salt, freezing, thawing, plowing and other activities create," said William Johnson, Department of Transportation.

A disastrous commute for drivers.

"It's looking pretty bad," said Chris Baker.

"People dodging, stopping, doing really unexpected things. I think that's more the danger than the potholes themselves," said Brandon Parlopiano.

The city has been working around the clock to smooth out the roads, filling potholes wherever they can.

Patching up roughly 25,000 potholes this year, March is their busiest month for repairs. It's a number they are preparing to see rise.

"We have 14 crews that are working six days a week to try to keep up with the demand," said Johnson.

"Some of the roads have really taken a beating," said Baker.

With the high volume of repairs, it's hard to reach them all.

"Drive a little slower, be careful. That's all you can do," said Baker.

So drivers need to also be on the lookout, or they may end up in the body shop.

"Sometimes it bends it within the range where you can adjust it and get the alignment back into specs without having to replace anything. But otherwise, we've done a lot of control arms, wheel balancing. We've seen the gamut," said Dan Hicks, Baltimore Body Shop.

The city launching the Pothole Project to get all the roads repaired. So if you see a pothole, report it by calling 311 or online at

With the high demand, the city is only doing temporary repairs.

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