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Correctional Employees Convicted On Theft Charges Of Over $400,000

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Maryland State Prosecutor announced that Kimberly Brown, a former Correctional Officer, pleaded guilty on September 23 on charges of Felony Theft Scheme and Misconduct in Officer.

Brown was formerly assigned to the Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC) in Baltimore.

Shantil Carter, a former Fiscal Technician assigned to MTC, plead guilty the same day to charges of Conspiracy to Commit Theft and Bribery. Six other former Correctional Officers have been convicted of similar charges in the last five months.

In their pleas, both women acknowledged that they were adding extra hours to their timesheets that they did not work during their time as Correctional Officers. Carter conspired with other officers to use her access to the Workday system to illegally inflate their work hours. In exchange, she received payments of several thousands of dollars.

Brown improperly inflated her own work hours on at least 31 occasions, claiming an additional 2,470 hours that she did not work. Her reporting resulted in a collective theft of $79,857.69 from the State of Maryland.

Carter improperly inflated the documented work hours for another Correctional Officer on at least 163 occasions, resulting in a collective overpayment to the Correctional Officer of $33,858.00 from the State of Maryland. As a result, Carter was paid approximately $4,910 by the Correctional Officer.

"Ms. Brown and Ms. Carter abused their positions of trust to steal money from Maryland taxpayers," said Maryland Prosecutor Charlton Howard. "They, as well as six other Correctional Employees engaged in similar acts at MTC, have now been held accountable. In addition to other penalties, the 8 individuals involved have orders of restitution totaling $443,625.40. Our office will continue to investigate and where appropriate prosecute any allegation of criminal behavior by state or local public officials."

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