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Brian Kenny Of MLB Network On His New Book Ahead Of The Curve: Inside The Baseball Revolution

Brian Kenny is a studio host for the MLB Network, and also on NBC Sports Radio.

Brian joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Orioles and his new book 'Ahead Of The Curve: Inside The Baseball Revolution'.

Brian started out by talking about how fans need to get with the times and embrace baseball analytics saying "we all speak analytics we all talk baseball metrics...the founding fathers of baseball in the late 19th century set the rules for what made sense for the game at the time." As for why it took so long for analytics to takeover the statistical conversation from the old days Brian said "it wasn't like these guys didn't know what was going on, they understood baseball...had they lived into the live ball era they would've adjusted."

When Brian was asked about the Orioles re-signing of Chris Davis and whether it was a smart move or not he said "it's almost always a bad idea to sign the lumbering first baseman going into his 30' feels good this year and year one it should but it will cost you down the line." As for the possibility of signing Manny Machado long-term Brian said "almost anybody that's good enough to start for your should definitely extend his contract and make the guy rich early on but rich to the tune of how Andrew McCutchen and Paul Goldschmidt got rich."

Brian also went on to discuss the topics in his new book which is currently available for purchase.

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