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BLOG: Scattered Showers Coming Soon

Gorgeous sunshine gave way to some afternoon clouds and then a quick blast of showers and a few thunderstorms. That small batch of stormy weather came racing southeastward from Pa., where it was much stronger. It fizzled very quickly when it hit the drier air over Maryland. Now, there is another batch of even stronger thunderstorms forming over the Ohio Valley that is heading east-southeastward. It will also weaken before it gets here, but we will likely have scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms crossing the state overnight and tomorrow (mainly the first half of tomorrow) from it.

The strong high pressure system that brought us record heat earlier this week is still out there. However, it has been pushed back so that it is now centered more over the middle of the country. All the showers and thunderstorms that are intensifying are around the ring of this high pressure. In the meteorological world, this is commonly referred to as the ring of fire. Early in the week, this same high pressure will intensify and expand northeastward again. That will push the storm track farther north temporarily while bringing back some of its heat. Highs will be in the low to mid 80s tomorrow and Monday before starting to climb again. By Wednesday, we will be back in the 90s.

A new storm system will come through probably on Thursday. It will have showers and thunderstorms with it, and will knock down the extreme heat.

Hurricane season is officially underway, and there is an area being monitored by the National Hurricane Center. It is south of Jamaica and doesn't look very organized right now, but there is a chance that it could become more organized over the next few days.

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