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BLOG: Number 46 Throws A Gem On A Tragic Night

I , like all Orioles fans , was heartbroken and stunned to hear the news about the passing of 1979 Cy Young Award winner Mike Flanagan at the age of 59. Nothing prepares you for the sudden passing of a childhood hero.

Being in this business for 12 years, I've the had the pleasure of meeting a lot of players who I idolized as a youth. Mike Flanagan was one of those players.

A lefty like myself, Flanagan had a smooth delivery and I always thought he looked cool throwing a baseball. Of course, I tried to emulate his delivery when I pitched on the diamond, in the backyard or at the playground.

My memories of Flanagan are plentiful and I will share them on the Bob and Rob Show.

I was watching the Orioles take on the Twins Wednesday night as the news of Flanagan's death was spreading across the net. As fate would have it, pitching for the Birds was Jeremy Guthrie. Guthrie wears number 46.

46 is the number Mike Flanagan wore and made famous as an Oriole.

Guthrie made that number--and me--proud last night by throwing a strong game at the Twins as the Orioles won their third straight game, 6-1.

The so-called baseball gods have not been doing the Baltimore Orioles many favors over the last 14 years. Maybe, last night, they smiled down on the team in tribute their fallen brother.

Rest in Peace Mike Flanagan.

You will be forever remembered.

And missed.


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