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Suicidal Man Critically Burned After Taser Strike

ARLINGTON (CBS11) - Tw0 Arlington police officers are on administrative leave after an incident that ended with a suspect, soaked in gasoline, on fire Monday afternoon.

It happened in a neighborhood near Arkansas Lane and New York Avenue.

Arlington Police say the man, who they've dealt with before, threatened to kill himself.

Responding officer were talking to him, when he allegedly jumped up.

Police confirm the officers fired tasers. Fire engulfed the suspect immediately.

Police said non-lethal force was the better option to try to subdue him.

They also claim he may have had a lighter in his hand, and are still investigating exactly what started the fire.

The man was severely burned. His family says he's in critical condition.

Police haven't found any item the man may have had in his hand.

Three officers were treated for smoke inhalation but are okay.

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