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DEA: Fentanyl and meth pouring into North Texas at an alarming rate

North Texas is a major hub for fentanyl and meth distribution
North Texas is a major hub for fentanyl and meth distribution 02:09

The DEA Dallas Division says fentanyl and meth are pouring into North Texas at an alarming rate so for the past year, they've been running a major operation to combat this.

They've found cartels are using the popular social media apps we all have to find potential victims to get drugs into our communities. 

"You know with some of the world's biggest airports, the interstate system and just the centralized location here in the United States, it really gives an advantage to cartels," DEA Dallas Division Special Agent in Charge Eduardo Chávez said. 

Chávez says the Sinaloa and Jalisco Cartels are major suppliers for certain drugs flooding into North Texas.

"They're responsible for the majority of fentanyl and methamphetamine that have been coming into the country and affecting neighborhoods here in DFW," he said. 

The DEA has intensified its focus on and taken action against these types of crimes, resulting in more than 200 arrests in the last year. Through Operation Last Mile, they were able to remove 3.5 million deadly doses of fentanyl and 1,300 pounds of meth from the streets. 

"We have a variety of U.S. citizens, a variety of foreign nationals..drug trafficking members who frankly many times don't even use drugs themselves," Chavez said. 

He says the cartels are using social media platforms to find local victims to sell fentanyl pills disguised as other drugs, like OxyCotin, Percocet or Xanax.  

"We need to do a better job as a community to get out there in the public and talk about it," Foundation 45 President and Executive Director Lauren O'Conner said. 

Foundation 45 uses educational events. to inform North Texans about the problem and teach them how to use Narcan, which can reverse an opioid overdose. 

"It starts with the communities," O'Connor said. "It starts with the parents. It starts with schools. It's a collective effort." 

If you're interested in attending one of these educational events, the Dallas County Sheriff's Office is launching a town hall series next Tuesday. It will take place at Paul Quinn College at 6:30 PM. 

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