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Construction begins on Habitat for Humanity of Collin County's 100th home

On Your Corner, In Your Corner: Habitat for Humanity’s 100th home in McKinney
On Your Corner, In Your Corner: Habitat for Humanity’s 100th home in McKinney 02:56

McKINNEY ( — A partnership between Habitat for Humanity of Collin County, the City of McKinney and the McKinney Community Development Corporation is prioritizing housing options and projects for people who need it. 

Construction has started on Habitat for Humanity's 100th home in McKinney and CBS News Texas took a look inside to see what this milestone means and how it is impacting residents. 

"I'm happy that even though we struggled...we still got here," Navy veteran Marion McFarland said.

Getting to this moment wasn't easy for her, though. For years, she struggled to find a stable home.

"I went through a couple more hardships, I lost another apartment and we ended up staying in a motel [and] we were there for literally like seven years," McFarland said. 

She said throughout it all, her three kids are what kept her going.

"They've always had a smile on their face, no matter what we went through and they encourage me a lot," McFarland said. "Sometimes I would come in and I would cry and they'd be like, 'Mommy, you OK.'"

Then, one day, hope arrived in the form of a nudge from a good friend who suggested she contact Habitat for Humanity. Now, McFarland and her children are excited as they look at what will be their new home. 

"They've made so much progress in the past couple of weeks," she said. McFarland's home marks the 100th house to be built in McKinney by the nonprofit.

"For anyone to build 100 homes is a milestone," Habitat for Humanity of Collin County President Celeste Haiduk Cox said.

The program is volunteer-driven, relying on "sweat equity" from the future homeowners.

It is income contingent and houses are sold at an affordable cost, which allows families an opportunity to own a piece of the quintessential American dream, especially during a time when rent prices are climbing.

"There's not any builders building in Collin County under $300,000 and so this gives families the opportunity to own a home that's affordable," Cox said. 

It is the door McFarland prayed would open, and the foundation on which she'll build her family's future. "It was worth the wait."

To learn more about the program, click here.

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