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Jury sentences "sadistic torturer" Alicia Calderon to 75 years

Tuesday morning headlines, Oct. 3
Tuesday morning headlines, Oct. 3 02:37

MCKINNEY ( - Calling her actions "sadistic torture," Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis announced Alicia Calderon of Wylie was sentenced to 75 years in prison. 

Alicia Calderon of Wylie Office of Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis

A jury convicted the 37-year-old of the first-degree felony offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

"Calderon tricked the victim into living with her, and then controlled her with unthinkable torture. She severely burned the victim's arms, chest, and back by pouring a pot of boiling water on her. She also deprived her of food, locked her in a dog crate, and cut off her communication to the outside world. We hope and pray this jury's sentence will allow the victim to further heal from all the deep physical and emotional wounds inflicted by this defendant," said Willis after sentencing.

In 2019, the 24 year old victim moved in with Calderon and her family in their Wylie trailer. The agreement was that the victim would keep the house clean, care for Calderon's children, and take care of a disabled elderly woman in exchange for a free place to live. The living arrangement worked well at first, but after several months, the situation deteriorated, according to Willis.

Calderon started mistreating the victim, first by confiscating her phone, then later by restricting her food and her movements in and out of the trailer. Calderon began locking the victim in the room with the elderly woman whose condition had severely declined. The victim lost over half of her body weight until she no longer had the strength to take care of the elderly woman.

In July 2021, Calderon caught the victim sneaking food from the house. As punishment, she locked the victim in a dog crate and poured boiling water on her, injuring her legs. Later that year, during an argument, Calderon poured a pot of boiling water on the victim, giving her severe burns on her arms, chest and back. Calderon did not let the victim seek medical treatment either.

On February 1, 2022, another member of the household let the victim borrow his phone. She sent her stepfather a Facebook message stating she needed help and that she was locked in a room. That was the first time in two years she had spoken to either of her parents. The victim's stepfather called 911 and went to the trailer. 

Responding deputies with the Collin County Sheriff's Office had to remove stacked stones away from the door in order for the victim to escape. The victim was down to sixty-eight pounds, her head was shaved, and her body was covered in second and third degree burns. When deputies found the elderly woman in the trailer, her condition had declined so much they initially believed she was dead.

Collin County Sheriff's Office Investigator Richard Cass led the investigation. At trial, the victim's burn doctor testified to the extent of her injuries. The victim underwent multiple surgeries, including skin grafts to recover from her severe burns. The victim spent six weeks in the hospital recovering from her injuries and malnourishment. At trial, she described the trauma she still has today, and the nerve damage that never healed.

During the punishment phase of trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Calderon spent $78,000 of the elderly woman's recently received inheritance within three months, and was cashing her social security checks for several years. 

Investigator Joshua Duncan testified that the money went toward tattoo shops, a party rental place and new tire rims. Prosecutors also informed the jury that Calderon was previously arrested for robbery out of Dallas County but convicted of the lesser included offense of misdemeanor theft in 2015. 

Judge George Flint presided over the case.

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