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VIDEO: Brazen Burglars Hit Bernal Heights Home Garage Twice Stealing $32K Worth Of Gear

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- A pair of brazen garage break-ins were captured on video in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood.

One video shows burglars intentionally ramming a garage with their car. It happened on Friday, March 4 around 5:30 pm on Franconia Street, in Bernal Heights. The driver casually gets out of the car and approaches the damaged garage. Another camera captures the passenger getting out as someone walks by with a dog across the street.

The two burglars walk out with stolen production equipment, and even hold up traffic on the residential street.

"The idea that these people could drive a car through my garage door in broad daylight, surrounded by witnesses and casually walk out with more of my property is a clear sign that there is no consequences to that type of action here in the city," said resident Alex Cruzvergara.

This was actually the second time in two weeks Cruzvergara believes the same crooks hit his garage.

Video shows what appears to be a Subaru Outback outside his garage on February 18 around midnight. The burglars stole $25,000 worth of production equipment.

He said he lost nearly $7,000 worth of gear in the most recent break-in. One thief even dropped his hat in the garage, which police have as evidence.

Cruzvergara is a cinematographer and owns a small production company. He believes he was targeted.

"It was clear to me that they knew what they were taking. They knew what they had missed the first time, and wanted to come back and get the rest of it," he said.

He's since canceled and lost out of several jobs without his gear.

"They just didn't really have any second thought, or anything just drove up, looked at the garage for a few minutes," said neighbor Campbell Yore. "It's pretty disturbing to see that."

Over the weekend, Cruzvergara noticed the same Subaru driving around his neighborhood and he followed it at a safe distance while he called police. He said SFPD later found the car abandoned but identified two suspects.

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