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Undercover FBI Agent Reveals Senator Leland Yee's Alleged Ties to Gun Traffickers, Muslim Rebels, And Russian Arms Suppliers In Federal Case

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- An undercover FBI agent known as "UCE 4599" in the federal criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday reveals 137 pages of evidence in a years-long investigation leading to the arrest of State Senator Leland Yee on charges related to alleged roles in money laundering, arms dealing, and his close associations with suspects in a murder for hire plot.

The entire document details the alleged crimes of at least 26 people, including the state senator.


Pages 82 through 85 detail in great depth what may be the most damning charges, involving setting up an arms deal in exchange for funds to guarantee Yee wins his upcoming election to be California's secretary of state. The deal would have allegedly involved an associate who had also been the source of firearms supplied to Muslim rebels in the Philippines.

Later, in Page 95, the agent reveals more about the senator's life, and possible emotional motivators in his alleged criminal dealings.

Leland Yee Federal Affidavit Page 82 -- Yee Setting Up The Meeting With An Arms Dealer
On Page 82 of the federal affidavit, undercover FBI agent "UCE 4599" describes how the meeting with the arms dealer was set up
Leland Yee Federal Affidavit Page 83 -- Yee Describes Dangers Of Gun Trafficking, Warning Undercover Agent
On page 83 of the federal affidavit, an FBI agent called UCE 4599 describes the dangers of gun trafficking
Leland Yee Federal Affadavit Page 84 -- Gun Deal To Muslim Rebels In The Phillipines
On Page 84 of a federal criminal complaint, the undercover agent "UCE 4599" describes a conversation with Senator Leland Yee and political consultant Keith Jackson and about sales of guns, assault weapons, and even shoulder-launched missiles to support Muslim rebels fighting the government in the Philippines.
Leland Yee Federal Affidavit Page 85
On page 85 of the federal affidavit, an FBI agent called UCE 4599 describes illegal campaign donations funded by arms deals, and Yee's promise of an appointment after the election.
Leland Yee Federal Affadavit Page 95 -- Yee Unhappy With Life And Wants To Be More Like A Criminal
On page 95 of the federal affidavit, detailing the multi-year investigation by undercover agents, Yee describes being "Unhappy with his life" and allegedly says, "There is a part of me that wants to be like you," referring to a man he thought was a criminal.
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