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VIDEO: Stand-Up Paddle Boarder Rides Alongside Humpback Whales In Monterey Bay

CARMEL BY THE SEA (CBS SF) -- A stand-up paddle board instructor captured a breath-taking encounter with humpback whales in the Monterey Bay last week.

Carmel resident Brent Allen said it's the closet he's ever been to whales in the Bay. He recorded it all on his GoPro cameras, including the mist from a whale's spout gliding across his board.

Whale-SUP Wednesday @ Ghost Tree Pebble Beach, CA 9/17/2014 by Brent Allen on YouTube

The majority of the time he stood in the kelp beds to watch it unfold, he wrote on his YouTube page.

He warns, however, this is not recommended for those unfamiliar with this area of the Bay, and to respect marine life by keeping a safe space.

An adult humpback whale can weigh about 150,000 pounds and may travel in groups three or more.

Being struck by a whale is comparable to getting hit by a freight train. Sanctuary officials advise boaters to stay at least 100 yards away from feeding or traveling whales.






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