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Sebastopol police nab piglet after pursuit captured on body camera

Police nab piglet running through Sebastopol neighborhood
Police nab piglet running through Sebastopol neighborhood 00:51

Police in Sebastopol got an unusual call Thursday about a little piglet that was going hog wild in a North Bay neighborhood.

The department posted about the pursuit of the piglet on its Facebook page Thursday afternoon. Police dispatch received multiple calls reporting that the piglet was running in and out of the roadway on the 800 block of Gravenstein Highway North.

Arriving officers located the described piglet who "proved to be very fast and strong for an animal of its size."

Body camera footage included in the showed it was no easy task to track the piglet down.

Police got help from bystanders as they chased the piglet several city blocks until they finally cornered the animal in a side yard on Soll Court and captured. The pig, who police later learned was named Pickles, was reunited with his owner at the scene.

"Officers Whitehall and Thomas used discretion and elected not to charge "Pickles" with resisting a peace officer," the Facebook post read.

Police offered thanks to the piglet's mom and all the Sebastopol citizens -- including the man who actually nabbed the piglet, identified as Michael W.  

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