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Vallejo police fire detective who killed Sean Monterrosa in 2020; Use of deadly force 'not objectionably reasonable'

Investigation Finds Vallejo Officer's Use of Deadly Force Not 'Reasonable'
Investigation Finds Vallejo Officer's Use of Deadly Force Not 'Reasonable' 02:02

VALLEJO (CBS SF) – The Vallejo Police Department announced Monday it fired one of its officers for violating its policies, including the use of deadly force when it was "not objectively reasonable," in the fatal shooting of a San Francisco carpenter two years ago.

Monday's announcement came after a third-party investigation concluded, but the statement did not include the name of the officer due to a court order banning the department from sharing it. But reporters following the story since the investigation began two years ago confirmed that the fired officer was Det. Jarrett Tonn.

On June 2, 2020, Tonn fatally shot 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa in the back of the head as he drove away from a Vallejo Walgreens. Tonn was one of three officers responding to reports of vandalism at the store during protests over George Floyd's death that night.  He shot at Monterrosa from the back seat of a police truck through the front windshield as it rolled up to the scene.

After the shooting, Tonn claimed that Monterrosa was armed, but it was later determined that what Tonn thought was a gun was actually a hammer. Monterrosa was a carpenter from San Francisco.

The department placed Tonn on administrative leave following the shooting. The shooting itself made national headlines and prompted calls for an investigation by the FBI from Rep. Nancy Pelosi. That August, Monterrosa's family hired attorney John Burris to sue the Vallejo Police Department over evidence – the truck's windshield – being destroyed before an investigation into the incident concluded.

Multiple investigations followed, including one from California attorney general Xavier Becerra into the destruction of evidence. While an internal investigation recommended that the department let Tonn keep his job, a report from a third party found that Tonn could be terminated for use of deadly force that was not objectively reasonable, failing to de-escalate the incident, and failing to activate his body-worn camera.

Monterrosa's family released a statement Tuesday regarding Tonn's firing, noting that while they were grateful for the administration's actions, they feel Tonn should've been immediately terminated.

"However, the investigation also unearthed evidence of serious crimes committed by Tonn and fellow officers in an attempted cover up Sean Monterrosa's murder. After two years we continue to demand that the California DOJ under the leadership of Rob Bonta take immediate action to prosecute and hold the responsible Vallejo officers accountable for their crimes," the statement read. "In the wake of the badge bending scandal serious institutional concerns remain including the destruction of evidence and manipulation of testimony - all of which remain unanswered by the discipline of this single bad actor."

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