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Santa Rosa Secures Funding To Build Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge

SANTA ROSA (KCBS)— The city of Santa Rosa won't have to worry about people running across railroad tracks near the Coddingtown Mall area. Regional transportation planners are giving the city an $8.2 million grant to build a bicycle-pedestrian bridge.

For years residents, including school kids, have been darting across the railroad tracks at West Jennings Avenue. With the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) commuter rail line is coming, jumping the tracks could be even more perilous.

Randy Johnson, a nearby resident is on-board with the funding plan.

"I'm definitely an advocate for bicycles, pedestrians and whatever it takes to spend the money to make it safe," he said.

Ellen Daly was in agreement.

"Considering how many people try and run across the tracks in front of trains and get killed I think it's a really good idea," she said.

The bridge hasn't even been designed yet, but regional transportation planners like the idea because it serves three purposes: promoting rail transit, bicycling and walking.

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