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Pacifica police prepare for fireworks crackdown ahead of July 4th

Pacifica cracks down on illegal fireworks
Pacifica cracks down on illegal fireworks 02:02

PACIFICA - While Pacifica remains one of a handful of cities where you can still buy safe and sane fireworks, the police department is preparing to crack down on anyone bringing illegal ones to town.

"If their guests let off illegal fireworks and it's seen at their party and on their property, they will be subject to a social host ordinance violation," says Capt. William Glasgo.

Capt. William Glasgo says there's hefty fines for anyone who gets caught setting off illegal fireworks as well as anyone who hosts a party where illegal fireworks are used.

Pacifica still allows the sale and purchase of safe and sane fireworks. The city also restricts where fireworks can be set off to a handful of locations.

"Their faces you can't beat it on the 4th of July, you know? So, we have a can of water. And as soon as they're done with the sparkler or firework, we put it right into the water," says Anthony Del Rosario.

Anthony bought an assortment of safe and sane fireworks for his kids. He says the safe and sane alternative can still spark the childlike sense of wonder without the potential collateral damage. 

"They're super excited. My wife doesn't really like the safe and sane. So, we had to talk her into it this morning," Anthony said.

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