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Oakland police arrest 2 suspects involved in recent armed Rolex robberies

Oakland police arrest 2 suspects involved in recent armed Rolex robberies
Oakland police arrest 2 suspects involved in recent armed Rolex robberies 00:22

OAKLAND -- Police in Oakland on Thursday confirmed the recent arrests earlier this week of two suspects in connection with at least one of the many recent armed Rolex robberies plaguing the Bay Area.

In a press release posted to social media late Thursday morning, police noted that there has been a significant spike in this type of robbery over the past several months, both in Oakland and several other neighboring cities. There have been robberies targeting people wearing the expensive watches in Walnut Creek, San Leandro, Danville and other Bay Area towns.

"The Oakland Police Department (OPD) has investigated more than 20 of these types of robberies this year. In most cases, the armed individual(s) approach and forcibly remove the watch from the victim's wrist," authorities said.  

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According to police, on Tuesday morning shortly after 4 a.m., OPD officers executed multiple search warrants in Oakland and other Bay Area cities. Police arrested two suspects and recovered two firearms with extended magazines, and a Rolex watch in connection with the crimes. Authorities did not identify the two suspects or provide any specific details regarding the robberies they were involved in, though OPD did thank the Fairfield Police Department in the release.

Although officers were able to arrest the two suspects, authorities also noted these types of robberies remain common and are still happening throughout the Bay Area. People are advised to reduce their risk by not resisting when confronted with armed robbers and to try and pay attention so they can provide police with a description of the individual(s) or vehicle(s) involved.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding any armed Rolex robbery can contact the Oakland Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division at (510) 238-3426.  

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