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NFL Players Association Investigates Terrelle Pryor's Concussion, How Raiders Handled It

By JL Herrera

Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor's concussion is causing a dilemma for Coach Dennis Allen as he is unsure if Pryor will be able to play against the Washington Redskins on Sunday. On top of that, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) wants to investigate the hit and how Raiders personnel handled the case.


It was reported that Pryor suffered a concussion near the end of Monday night's game against the Denver Broncos after being sandwiched between Bronco Wesley Woodyard and another defender. The hit – which is also reportedly being investigated by the NFLPA – looks like it was helmet-to-helmet.

After the hit and consequently lying on the turf for a few moments, Pryor was sent back in for a couple of snaps. He was eventually taken to the locker room and backup QB Matt Flynn took over for the rest of the game. The NFLPA is reportedly investigating why Pryor was allowed back onto the field after taking such a vicious hit.

On Tuesday, Pryor seemed to not recall the event or much of anything that occurred in the game against Denver.

He tweeted:

About an hour later the Ohio State Alumnus tweeted that he felt great and that he was "ready to go."

Pryor will not be able to play on Sunday against the 0-3 Redskins if he does not pass the league-mandated protocol for players that suffer a concussion.

As of now, Coach Dennis Allen is in limbo, waiting to hear on the fate of his quarterback and on the fate of his coaching staff. He did mention to the press that he will get ready for the Redskins by pretending that both Pryor and Matt Flynn will start the game.

If Flynn is the starting QB on Sunday it wouldn't mean the end of the world for the Raiders, who are playing a very distraught Redskins team that is still looking for its first win. Flynn had a pretty solid drive against Denver when he took over the reigns late in the game, a drive that lead to a rushing touchdown.

Whatever the result, it is important that the Raiders follow league guidelines and ensure their players' safety. Best of luck on your recovery Mr. Pryor.

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J.L. Herrera is a huge fan of football and has been following the Raiders since the 1980s during the LA era. J.L. is also a freelance writer and copywriter on the web. He taught English for a little more than a decade in Los Angeles at the secondary level. While writing for web based news outlets, J.L. enjoys reading, creative writing, and watching sports. His work can be found on

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