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King Tides Add To Bay Area Weather Woes

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – If the run-off from several days of rain wasn't enough of a concern, Bay Area residents also began to deal with the flood threats posed by King Tides on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service issued a coastal flood warning for the Bay Area, citing a litany of conditions that would batter residents living along the San Francisco Bay and coast line until Thursday.

There were King Tides, the massive run-off from days of rain, onshore winds and a Pacific swell building from the west.


Forecasters said tides would be as high as 7 feet and the threat would be the highest during the mid- and late-morning hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Flooding was expected in the low-lying areas.

The California King Tides takes place when the moon, earth and sun in perfect alignment causing gravitational pull on earth.

The result is a fluctuation in tides, which at its peak, can cause minor Coastal flooding, strong rip currents and large breakers at Harbor entrances.

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