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Independence Day inspires marches, rallies for abortion rights across the Bay Area

4th of July sparks abortion rights rallies in Bay Area, across the country
4th of July inspires abortion rights rallies in Bay Area, across the country 02:09

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- Many people skipped their Fourth of July traditions and instead, protested for abortion rights at rallies all across the Bay Area.

In San Francisco, people chanted in solidarity outside the Ferry Building, before marching down the Embarcadero to Pier 39. 

Protesters carried signs reading 'women's rights are human rights' and they wore green, which symbolizes the international color designated for abortion rights. 

Some, like Shae Inglin of San Francisco, were moved to tears. 

"I think that this day represents less independence for women in the United States of America. It's heartbreaking to me that women who are younger than me will not have the same rights that I had," said Inglin. "It was important for me to have an abortion, I made that choice, I honor that choice and I support women who have that choice." 

Shae and Kevin Inglin would normally be enjoying Fourth of July festivities. This year, they chose to rally against the Roe v. Wade decision. 

"I'm a retired army officer and we spent years growing up and living on army installations and all the pageantry and I've been in parades - it's a beautiful thing," said Kevin. "But our nation can do better than we're doing now."

In downtown Sacramento, dozens of demonstrators blocked lanes of Interstate 5. Abortion rights supporters started at the state capitol and then moved to the freeway, where they blocked traffic for several hours. The California Highway Patrol eventually moved the crowds off the interstate. 

In the East Bay, people of all ages gathered outside San Ramon City Hall, holding signs as drivers went by. One sign read 'choice is freedom.'

In the South Bay, abortion rights advocates walked in the San Jose 4th of July parade.    

"It's really important to wake up the younger generation. Because my generation fought for these rights that women are now losing and for me it's really important for me to engage younger people so that they can take up the battle," said Barbara Goldstein with Art Builds Community.

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