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Gunfire Erupts During Surge In Robberies Targeting Oakland Pot Dispensaries

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- A band of fleeing smash and grab robbers riddled an Oakland police vehicle with bullets early Monday morning in one of a series of weekend break-ins targeting legal marijuana dispensaries.

The crimes came during a wave of smash and grabs targeting retailers in San Francisco, San Jose, Hayward and Walnut Creek.

Authorities have not said if any of the incidents were related.

Oakland Police PIO Officer Kim Armstead said the shooting incident took place around 3 a.m. at a dispensary in the 8100 block of MacArthur Blvd.

As officers arrived to investigate reports of a break-in, a number of subjects and vehicles were fleeing the scene.

"A suspect inside one of the fleeing vehicles, fired multiple times at a fully marked Oakland Police Department patrol vehicle, striking the vehicle several times," Armstead told KPIX 5. "Neither of the officers inside of the patrol vehicle were injured."

The crime scene stretched along MacArthur from Ritchie St. to 82nd Ave. Video shot at the scene showed marijuana plants on the sidewalk in front of the business.

No information has been released as to the suspects or their vehicles.

At around 2 a.m., Oakland police officers responded to 2435 Telegraph Ave to investigate a looting incident that took place at the EC Cannabis dispensary. No other details have been released.

On Saturday night, there was an exchange of gunfire at an online marijuana dispensary and distribution center in the 300 block of Pendleton Way.

Oakland police said it was one of several targeted by looters between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. Sunday.

Matthew Davis, a security guard at the business, said he went to investigate suspicious noises in the building.

"Tonight they broke into one of the offices," Davis said. "I heard movement in there, talking, so I came out and called our security. (Armed) Security came, police came right behind our security... On my way out, I heard gunfire. Back and forth. Several shots. So I came out to the gate and saw a guy on the ground. The police told me to stay back."

Investigators said the looters grabbed a large amount of marijuana and started to flee. They were confronted by two armed security guards outside and a gun battle ensued.

One of the suspects -- a 32-year-old Oakland man -- was wounded. He was in stable condition at a local hospital.

Anyone who has information regarding the incidents was encouraged to contact the Oakland Police Department Felony Assault Unit at (510) 238-3426.

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