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Falling tree smashes Uber driver's windshield in downtown San Francisco

Tree comes crashing down on Uber driver's car in downtown San Francisco
Tree comes crashing down on Uber driver's car in downtown San Francisco 02:18

SAN FRANCISCO -- An Uber driver and his passenger had a close call in San Francisco Thursday morning when a tree came crashing down on the driver's car.

SF fallen tree
SF fallen tree hits Uber driver's car at 8th and Market. CBS

Uber driver Obed Kusman and his fare were near the intersection of 8th and Market at around 9 a.m. when the falling tree brought their trip to a sudden end.

"Suddenly, a tree just fall down on my car," said Kusman. "Really scary moment. I mean, you can see. Look at my car."

The tree smashed in his car's windshield. His passenger didn't have time to stick around

"He had to catch a flight. He took off," explained Kusman.

Fortunately, neither driver nor passenger were hurt. Rachel Gordon, the public information officer with SF Public Works, said anyone in a similar situation should call for help.

"If there are injuries, call 911. But if just your car got damaged, call 311 and they'll walk you through the system," Gordon said.

She said the city would take full responsibility for Kusman's windshield and that SF Public Works is constantly inspecting trees for safety.

"We have inspectors on the ground every day looking at trees," said Gordon. "We have a 125,000 plus street trees in San Francisco."

She said last weekend's rain might not have been the only factor in the tree falling. 

"Droughts can play a part in trees and their resiliency. Just because if they don't have water, they're a little bit weaker," Gordon said. "We always will prioritize a tree that is in a public right of way. We do expect trees to come down." 

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