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Dramatic Rescue After Good Samaritan Hears Cries For Help From Man Stuck In Storm Drain In Antioch

ANTIOCH (KPIX) - A dramatic rescue unfolded in Antioch after a Good Samaritan heard a man calling from a storm drain who had been stuck there for two days.

It was quite a risky operation in an open field. Somehow someway the man made his way down the storm drain and got stuck. Fortunately, his cries for help and an echo coming from an open pipe caught the attention of the an Antioch man.

"I was just walking by and I heard him yelling through the pipes," he said.

The was a man stuck in an underground pipe designed to handle rainwater. The risky and complex rescue operation lasted well into the evening.

A 50-person rescue effort came together, with Con Fire and East Con Fire, American Medical Response, Antioch Police and Public Works, thanks to the passerby who heard the calls for help.

"All of a sudden it got louder and louder and that's when I called police," he said.

Steve Hill is with Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.

"I think it was fairly miraculous they were able to hear him number one, and two they reported it to 911," said Hill.

He says the man who was stuck in the drain was responsive and able to talk to emergency crews during the rescue operation.

According to Hill, the man told firefighters he didn't fall into the drain, but rather went in it on his own. While he was in there he came upon heavy debris and couldn't back out.

As for safety, Hill added, "Not only is the victim at risk when they're stuck down but any rescuers that you put underground are also at risk."

Nonetheless, Hill said their crews are certified rescue technicians trained for these confined space rescues.

"We sent the four technicians," said Hill. "The smallest one was able to clear considerable amount of debris that a clogged and rescued the gentleman."

Investigators said the man told them he had been stuck there a couple of days.

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