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Daily Madden: Tim Howard Is America's Latest Sports Hero Following World Cup Performance

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- In the 2-1 losing effort against Belgium, USA goalkeeper Tim Howard had 16 saves, the most in the World Cup since the 1960s. Both teams were scoreless after 90 minutes of regulation play.

"How can you like a zero-zero game? I mean there's nothing there," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. "But you really enjoy the pressure they put on the goalkeeper and the job that he did... He had so much confidence (that) after awhile I just thought they're not going to score on him... In the paper today you see him walking with his head down. And if there's anyone who shouldn't have had his head down, it's him."

Madden said the local enthusiasm for the World Cup was infectious. "If you don't know the team and you don't know the game and you don't a player and you don't know the country, it really is tough to get involved in it. But when it's the USA, that's all you have to know. So you have a horse in that race, you have someone to root for. And I tell you that's all the difference in the world to make the game interesting."

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