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Controversial Campaign Signs Heat Up Judicial Race In Marin County

MARIN (CBS SF) -- The judicial race in Marin County is heating up and one candidate is being criticized over her controversial campaign signs.

The banners display the words "Judge" and "Nancy" together in large letters.

Many think the signs are inappropriate and misleading.

There is a lot of extra pressure in this judicial race and the candidates are trying to set themselves apart.


Attorney Nancy McCarthy said, "My goal was to focus on Nancy Nancy Nancy --and to also have my position as judge so people knew what I was running for."

But critics say Nancy McCarthy is not a judge and the placement of the words Judge and Nancy -- separated by a thin line -- suggest she is running as an incumbent.

"I don't see how anyone cannot understand that," she said.

Just ask one of her opponents Renee Marcelle.

"She should take her signs down. They are not appropriate," Marcelle said.

But McCarthy says she isn't the only one seemingly misleading.

"Look, David Shane says he is a judge," McCarthy said.

There are nine other candidates, all running for a seat vacated by Judge Faye D'Opal when her term ends in December.

Under the state elections code it is a misdemeanor when a candidate misleads voters or assumes, pretends, or implies he or she is an incumbent of public office when that is not the case.

A spokesperson for the attorney general says they are reviewing the matter.


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