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CHP Task Force Investigates As More Cars Attacked By Projectiles On Hwy 101

PRUNEDALE (KPIX 5) -- Five more cars on Highway 101 were hit by projectiles Saturday night in Monterey County, bringing the total to 61 attacks since February.

The California Highway Patrol has now created a task force to investigate the cases and catch whoever is responsible.

Many people who drive along the Highway 101 corridor on a regular basis are nervous because of the increasing frequency and number of attacks.

In addition to the five cars hit Saturday night, four cars were struck Friday night and two more on Thursday.

The driver's side window of a Chevy Tahoe shattered when a small projectile hit it around 5:30 p.m. Saturday night as the driver was heading north on Highway 101 near Prunedale, which is about 40 miles south of San Jose.

It was one of five cars hit within six minutes Saturday night. All the vehicles were hit on the driver's side window or windshield.

"Going 70-80 miles per hour, it could cause a big accident, so it's definitely concerning," said Jorge Mora, who often drives on 101. He says he's planning to head south to Los Angeles for Christmas, but he plans to stay off 101.

"If I have the family with me, I'd probably reroute somewhere, even if it might take me a little longer, but safer, I'd probably definitely do that," said Mora.

"There is back-roads and stuff like that, so yes, I would go a different route because it's damage to your car and possibly an accident as well," said Ryan Goodwin. He says he often drives to work at 4:30 a.m. on Hwy 101 and is also worried.

According to the CHP, no one so far has been seriously injured, but some people inside the cars have been cut by shattered glass.

"If you drive through the area, keep your windows up, report anything unusual," says Capt. Kyle Foster with the CHP.

Capt. Foster says CHP officers are investigating and have even created a task force to help, but so far, they have not released any information about who might be behind the attacks or a possible motive.

"If your vehicle is struck by something, immediately stop and dial 911 so we can send investigators there," says Capt. Foster.

CHP investigators are not releasing exactly what type of projectile is being used in the attacks, but say it's about the size of a large marble due to the damage they're seeing on the cars.


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