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Update: Pedestrian on Interstate 880 offramp in Fremont killed in hit-and-run collision

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FREMONT -- A pedestrian died in a hit-and-run collision early Thursday morning in south Fremont, California Highway Patrol officials said.

Officers were dispatched at 1:47 a.m. after someone reported a person on the ground on the off-ramp to Fremont Boulevard from northbound Interstate Highway 880.

Officers arrived and located a female pedestrian on the right shoulder of the off-ramp, CHP Officer Kylie Musselman said by email.

The name of the victim was not immediately available Thursday morning from the Alameda County coroner's bureau.

Musselman said officers believe the pedestrian was hit by a big-rig or car hauler and the driver may be unaware the collision occurred.
CHP officials are asking people who were driving in the area at that hour to check if their truck sustained any damage.

Anyone with information about the collision can call the Hayward CHP office at (510) 489-1500.  

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