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Bay Area Protesters Demand President Trump's Impeachment Ahead Of House Vote

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- On the eve of impeachment votes in the House of Representatives, hundreds marched down Market Street in San Francisco in a pro-impeachment rally on Tuesday.

The group started at the Federal Building Tuesday evening and then walked down Market Street before ending at the local offices of Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris.

Demonstrators rallied and marched to call for President's Trump's ouster.

"We're losing our democracy and I can't believe that we're at this point," said Amanda Newstetter of San Francisco. "He's just getting away with so many things, one to the next, lying, and it's frightening."

Demostrators carried signs that simply read, "Out now!"  Others displayed their feelings on Trump piñatas that said, "Impeach me."

"I speak my beliefs and show support for bringing integrity back to this country," said Ben Angel of San Francisco.

Across the Bay in Oakland, a huge crowd gathered at the Grand Lake Theater to do the same and a Trump chicken balloon was spotted in the air. organized hundreds of demonstrations across the country.

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"I mean, just the level of violence and hate crimes in this country has gone up massively under his watch, so all of that is just horrendous," said Deborah Gerson of San Francisco.

Karen Leigh of San Francisco said she is not confident Trump will be removed from office.

"I think he will be impeached in the House, my level of confidence about the Senate is nil," she said. "He's got that sewn up, the Republicans are sticking together. They're not listening to reasonable thought, so I'm worried about that."

Howard Epstein is Vice Chair of Communications with the San Francisco Republican Party.

"This is such a baloney impeachment," said Epstein. "There was really nothing criminal reported. You could say I disagree with Donald Trump, lot of people do... but that doesn't give you grounds to recall him."

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