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5 Reasons Why LeBron Should Return To Cleveland

by Jake Brown

It's been a week since the NBA free agent frenzy began, and we still are left with the biggest names on the board. The world is awaiting LeBron James to make his decision before the dominoes begin to fall. Rumors are swirling that the Cleveland Cavaliers are all-in to try and bring King James back home to Cleveland, the same place he left in controversial fashion four years ago. Let's break down five reasons why LeBron should sign with the Cavs. 

1. Return home 

What's better than playing in your hometown? King James hails from Akron, Ohio. He had the opportunity of a lifetime to play in his home state to start his career. Now, he gets a chance to do it again, with two titles under his belt. How amazing of a story would it be if he went back home and took them to the promised land? We all know how badly Cleveland needs a championship. The Cavs have never won one, the Browns have never won a Super Bowl, and the Indians have not won a World Series in 66 years.

(Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

2. Make the city forget all about "The Decision" 

Remember when LeBron made "The Decision.". The whole world got to see him put shame to the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers. There were riots in Cleveland and his jersey was burned by almost every Cavs fan alive. Well, hopefully some still have it in their closet. Looks like plenty of fans will need to go out and buy a new one if their dream comes true. They will pretend like 2010 never happened and open up the red carpet and put the crown on the King. 

3. Join a young nucleus that can win for years to come 

The Cavaliers aren't a winner yet, but they have put the pieces together to become one with a superstar like LeBron. Kyrie Irving just had his contract extended and has emerged as one of the NBA's best point guards. He's just 22 years old too. Andrew Wiggins, who they just drafted with the first pick, has a very high ceiling. They have a couple nice, young players in Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson as well. They also hope Anthony Bennett can become the player they hoped he would be. Not to mention the fact that players will join LeBron wherever he signs. He's got the whole world in his hands. 

4. Make the Eastern Conference more competitive 

For the last four years, it's been the Miami Heat then everybody else. If LeBron goes to Cleveland, the Eastern Conference becomes much more competitive and should allow other teams to compete for a conference title. There will be no more "Big Three" and the regular season and playoffs won't be so predictable. I'm sure Adam Silver would be a fan. 

(Photo Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images)

5. Take the spotlight off Johnny Manziel 

If the Cavs don't get LeBron, the entire city focuses on just Johnny Manziel. The kid who has made headlines every weekend at a different spot with a different celebrity doing something that puts him in a negative light. LeBron would take some pressure off Manziel and maybe give home some guidance. Lord knows that the rookie quarterback needs some help with his off-the-field antics. 

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