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With Steinberg not running, what will Sacramento's mayoral race look like?

What will Sacramento's mayoral race look like after Steinberg announcement?
What will Sacramento's mayoral race look like after Steinberg announcement? 01:46

SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg recently made the announcement he will not run for re-election. Now, the next question remains about who wants to run to replace him.

Steinberg's announcement opened up new options for local electeds and those who could make a first run at public office. Political analyst Steve Maviglio is watching the emerging race closely.

"It's going to be a free-for-all," he told CBS13 over Zoom on Sunday.

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty announced he'll run hours after Mayor Steinberg made his decision public. Former Councilmember Steve Hansen released a statement saying he will have more to share in the coming days. Former California Senator Dr. Richard Pan has hired a fundraiser.

"And then there are some other unknowns," Maviglio said. "There might be some celebrities. I hear Urijah Faber is making some calls. I've heard the former chief of police, Chief [Daniel] Hahn is making some calls."

Candidates Maggie Krell, legal counsel for Planned Parenthood, and Dr. Flojaune Cofer, a public health advocate, announced they were running before Steinberg bowed out.

As the candidate pool continues to develop, Maviglio said one issue may rise above the rest during the race.

"I think it's the issue of housing, homelessness and public safety, which are all joined at the hip these days," he said.

In a city seeking a post-pandemic comeback, the race to replace Darrell Steinberg is now underway.

"The word that I feel in my heart is gratitude," Steinberg said in his May 25 announcement. "I just have gratitude. It don't matter how hard it's been and it has been hard."  

Candidates will have until December to file paperwork to run. The primary is in March.

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