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UC Davis Holds Vigil Remembering Fallen In Isla Vista Rampage

DAVIS (CBS13) — The UC Davis community came together on Thursday to remember the victims of the Isla Vista shooting rampage.

They stood on every inch of the UC Davis campus quad.

"It's incredible the amount of support that students from UCSB and Isla Vista have seen," said Katie Hanzlik.

Students, faculty and community members gathered to remember the six students who lost their lives during Saturday's rampage.

"I believe it's like a family, we've definitely been there for each other, especially this time," said Sasha Kasper."

Jonathan Fritzsche lives in Sacramento, but graduated from Santa Barbara in 2009. He said Saturday's tragedy hit close to home.

"The sorority house. I used to go to that sorority house everyday," he said. "I lived right next to where that guy lived."

Hanzlik also went to Santa Barbara and watched the news unfold in complete shock.

"It's just terrible because it was four of the best years of my life, and it's really sad to think that that experience is tainted for the students who are there now," she said.

But on Thursday, the Davis community stood strong in honor of the victims.

"It makes me proud to be part of this institution, proud to be part of the UC system, and I'm just happy to see the large turnout we have this evening," said Milton Lang.

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