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The 3 Sunday NFL Games To Watch This Week

The NFL, as glorious and wonderful as it is, can be a stressful, overwhelming adventure for some folks. This sunday, there are 14 games being played and most fans will only be able to watch three full games throughout the day. That's just not fair.

For those of you with NFL Redzone, you're lucky human beings who should probably ignore this post (but click on it anyway).

Moving on, if you could choose any games to watch from beginning to end, here are the three best games to watch, back-to-back-to-back this Sunday:

10 a.m. (PT) - Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

Look, I know these two teams play each other, like, 27 times a year, but this matchup is intriguing. If you're playing fantasy football, there are plenty of guys to watch (Kirk Cousins, Dez Bryant, Ezekiel Elliott, Jason Witten, Desean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, etc.), but if you want a good football game, these two will play a close game. Probably. If it gets bad, switch over to the San Francisco 49ers/Carolina Panthers game if that isn't a blood bath either.

1 p.m. (PT) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals

Can Jameis Winston put up huge numbers again this week? Can he do it against an elite defense like the Cardinals? We will find out Sunday, as he heads to Arizona after narrowly beating the Atlanta Falcons last week. The Cardinals lost a nail-biter against a Tom Brady-less New England Patriots last week, but will try to bounce back at home against the young Bucs. Tampa Bay's offense looks legit thus far, and Arizona still has one of the best defensive units - both teams have something to prove. Backup game for this time slot is Falcons vs. Raiders for an offensive shootout.

5:30 p.m. (PT) - Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Yes, I know there's only one Sunday Night Football game, but this one is another rivalry game between two midwestern teams. They are both 1-0 to start the season, both beating lower-tier teams in the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Minnesota must be thinking they have a good shot of upsetting the Packers after watching Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense struggle against the lowly Jags last week. They put up just 294 yards in week 1, it'll be interesting to see how they respond against the Vikings.

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