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After String Of Robberies Targeting Asians, South Sacramento Communities Unite

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- The Black community is standing in support of the Asian community, after a string of robberies around South Sacramento.

But some in the Asian community believe they are being targeted by Blacks, and now a South Sacramento group promoting peace and unity is stepping in to help stop the violence.

"Crime was not an anomaly here, but it was just petty crimes."

Tido Hoang has lived in South Sacramento his entire life.

He says the recent robberies targeting the Asian community have had a big impact on him and his family.

"They are innocent victims, it's uncalled for. It impacts me because of my relationship with this area," Hoang said.

Jiang was joined by several other South Sacramento leaders and community members on Thursday who say they are no longer going to put up with the violence.

"That was just one or two individuals, you can't say the entire Black community is targeting Asians, we support the Asian community."

Berry Accius is a vocal member of the Black community in Sacramento.

He says he wants to show the Asian community that Africa-Americans aren't the enemy.

The string of robberies around South Sacramento that CBS 13 first reported to starting in August has caused many in the Asian community to feel as though they're being deliberately targeted by Blacks.

Since the robberies, South Sacramentans have come together and connected with local law enforcement to take a stand against the crime that's overshadowed their home.

"We wanna tackle real social issues of education and workforce development, not just crime but also poverty; it's gonna take us as a community to work together," said City Councilman Eric Guerra.

Socio-economic status is the root of the problem according to city leaders, and the community agrees.

They say it's going to take a lot of work, time and dedication to make South Sacramento a safe place for all.

"We don't wanna live in an environment where we have to create obstacles and barriers," Hoang said.

There is progress being made -- community members have been meeting over the last few weeks to talk about how they can make Stockton Boulevard more inviting to the public, in addition to helping the community understand that crime has no color.

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