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Solano County Sees Its 1st Person With COVID-19, Flu Co-Infection

SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) — Health officials in Solano County say they've confirmed their first case of a person testing positive for both COVID-19 and the flu.

The Solano County Department of Health and Social Services confirmed the co-infection on Thursday.

Officials stress that the case is a good reminder for people to get a flu vaccine as soon as possible this season.

"With the likelihood of both COVID-19 and seasonal flu activity this winter, contracting either disease may weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to the other disease," said Bela T. Matyas, M.D., M.P.H., Solano County's Health Officer, in a statement.

Public health officials say the flu vaccine not only can reduce the risk of getting the flu, it also lessens the chances of someone being hospitalized from it.

While co-infection cases have been relatively uncommon, experts are warning that the possibility will rise as temperatures drop and the flu season begins - bringing worries of a "twindemic."

More from CBS Sacramento:

Due to the flu virus changing over time, officials say people need to get a new vaccine every year.

No vaccine, at this point, has been approved for COVID-19, but nearly a dozen are in the final stages of testing.

Exactly where in Solano County the person with both coronavirus and the flu is from was not stated. The person's current condition was also not given.

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