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Sacramento Serial Rapist Could Be Released From Prison Decades Early

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A serial rapist from Sacramento may get paroled decades early.

His victims and the Sacramento County's district attorney are working to keep him behind bars.

In 2003, 51-year-old Paul Eugene Robinson was convicted for the assault and rape of a woman in 1994. He was dubbed the Second-Story Rapist for his preference of attacking women who lived in second-story apartments.
Several women testified against Robinson describing terrorizing sex acts he committed after breaking into their homes.

After his conviction, Robinson was sentenced to 65 years in state prison. He is now eligible for early prison release after serving less than one-third of his sentence.

"Then he gets to have hearing after hearing after hearing where these crime victims are just put through the wringer, yet again and quite frankly it's despicable. And it's dangerous because we're going to start letting some of these dangerous folks out," said Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County District Attorney.

"I feel like if he only serves one-third of his sentence, I'll be coming back again," said Gwyn Lamar, a victim.

Why is Robinson up for a possible early release? There are several factors in play, including the state of California's elderly parole program, which allows parole opportunities for inmates who are 50 or older and have served a minimum of 20 years behind bars.

Schubert's office says they plan to attend Robinson's parole hearing to tell the board that releasing him after serving only a fraction of his sentence is insane.



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