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Sacramento house goes viral for art design after listing

Sacramento home with interior covered in art up for sale
Sacramento home with interior covered in art up for sale 02:11

CURTIS PARK — A new house listing in Sacramento is going viral for its odd décor.

If you are in the market to live in this fantasy world, the starting price for the Tudor-style home on Coleman Way in Curtis Park is $825,000.

The man who lived here was a physiatrist who did art in his off-hours, said Janet Carlson, a listing agent with Lyon Real Estate who says she was a close friend of the owner.

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Built-in the 1940s, the influence of famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi feels far away from how the home looks now.

The homeowner drew on his love of theatre and the four elements; water, earth, air, and fire for inspiration.

He worked with a finished carpenter to do this who cut all the custom woodwork here, she said.

Interest began in the spring, but the house is now on the market.

At more than 2,300 square feet featuring four bedrooms, two baths, a basement, a garage, and a pool, it has a lot of space.

But is the design palatable?

"Buyers are really in charge right now. I think the market has done a 180 from where it was just in April," said Ryan Lundquist, a Housing Analyst.

Some may have seen the low housing inventory and the hot market as untouchable.

Then, mortgage rates went up.

"What does an oddball sell for? I think that's where we're going to have to see what the market does," Lundquist said.

While Carlson awaits offers, she is aware the new owners may keep some or remove the art.

For her, what she'll miss most about the property is the man who lived there.

"He was beloved in the neighborhood," Carlson said.

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