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Roseville man, a great-great grandfather, celebrates his 105th birthday

Happy 105th Birthday to Richard Cheevers!
Happy 105th Birthday to Richard Cheevers! 05:00

ROSEVILLE – Richard Cheevers has lived through two global pandemics and two world wars.

So, on Tuesday, Sterling Court at Roseville Assisted Living and Memory Care decided to give Richard Cheevers a special 105th birthday celebration.

The Air Force veteran was born in 1917 in Illinois. He's built a long legacy, having three kids, three grandkids, three great-grandkids – and now even two great-great-grandkids.

Cheevers' family says his regimental life is the key to Cheevers' longevity.

"We cherish every single day that we have with him," said his granddaughter Deb.

He says his secret to a long life is simple: Get walking.

"I used to take long walks all the time, and in the service I would walk from airplane to airplane," Cheevers said.

Cheevers' favorite food is KFC, so the facility will be making him fried chicken for his birthday. 

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