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Pregnant Woman Among 4 People Badly Injured In Wilton Plane Crash

WILTON (CBS13) - Four people have suffered major injuries after their plane crashed in the Sacramento County town of Wilton.

The incident happened in the area of Alta Mesa and Blake roads, east of Elk Grove. The plane was reportedly a small cargo plane. Four people—a man, a pregnant woman and two teens—were badly injured in the crash. They were initially said to be in critical condition but are all expected to recover, according to the Sacramento Metro Fire Department.

One of the first people to witness the crash stopped their truck, got out a fire extinguisher, and helped the passengers to safety.

Steve Scharf jumped into action with a fire extinguisher to find the four survivors badly burned.

Scharf says the two teenagers and a pregnant woman were already out of the plane. He saw the man trying to escape.

"And then the guy that was life-flighted. I saw him like army-crawling out of the flames because his leg was broken," Scharf said. "So I stopped him and had him just roll away, and sprayed him with my fire extinguisher."

Scharf added, "The only thing that was going through my head is I wanted these people to be safe, and I wanted them to be alive, and I couldn't sleep tonight if I watched a man burn right in front of me."

CBS13 obtained cell phone video showing the small plane take off from a Wilton airstrip then fall out of frame before crashing beyond a roofline. You can hear the plane hitting trees

An FAA spokesperson says they currently don't know the make or model of the plane. The NTSB and FAA will be investigating what happened.

The Sacramento Metro Fire Department Captain Parker Wilbourn says one victim was life-flighted out of the crash scene.

Three others were taken by ground ambulance with minor to moderate injuries with burns on their hands and arms.

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