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Medical Marijuana Advocates Target Yuba County Supervisor For Recall

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) — A new ordinance banning outdoor grows has medical marijuana supporters seeking to recall a Yuba County Supervisor.

Last year, drug agents raided Daniel Aspin's cannabis farm, ripping out dozens of plants.

"They claim that my collective couldn't have as many plants," he said.

He calls them healing herbs, which supplies the medical needs of marijuana card holders.

"I personally believe we've saved lives here," he said.

Aspin thought he'd start a new page this harvesting season, only growing the legal number of plants this year. But now he's hit another roadblock—county law bans all outdoor pot grows.

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"The good ol' boy, extremely backward attitude that was in Louisiana has apparently followed us too and now it's in Yuba County," he said.

Aspin and hundreds from his cannabis club aren't taking the new ordinance lightly. Leaders of a local medical marijuana coalition served Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez with recall papers. The group would only need 1,100 signatures to remove him from office.

Vasquez says he's not worried.

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"I've been in the military seven years, five years as a deputy, and I fought for their right to voice their opinion," he said.

Vasquez says the ban finally clears the loopoles and lets police crack down on what he calls a Wild West culture.

"We had cables stretch across roads, armed patrols up in the hills, grows that have taken over neighborhoods. That was not what it was intended to do," he said.

Those fighting to get him recalled say it's just the beginning of a long battle all the way to the ballot box.

"It's only a temporary thing their days are numbered all across the board," he said.

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