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Longtime Friend Remembers Veteran, Retired Correctional Officer Killed In Road Rage Shooting

SACRAMENTO (CB13) - Djuan Perry says her friend 60-year-old Lufino Mejorado who she called "Lou" loved to fish and was always there when needed.

Mejorado was shot during a road rage incident that ended near I-5 and Richards Boulevard. Perry says she has no idea why anyone would result to violence and says her friend was not a confrontational man.  

She says the two met in the 6th grade and remained friends as they grew older. Perry remembers making sure Mejorado did well in school when they were kids.

"Constantly encouraged him. Do your homework, go to class, stay focused, keep your head on straight and it paid off because he ended up obtaining his doctorate degree in psychology and making a full career for himself," Perry said.

Perry says Mejorado has just celebrated his 60th birthday and tells CBS13 he was strong in his faith and a family man. She says the two always kept in contact.

"He remembers my birthday, I remember his, you know. We would talk when he went through something...when I went through something we would talk," she said. "He has a huge family, I have a huge family and we both just kind of intertwined and he and I never stopped communicating."

Perry says Mejorado loved baseball and was a roller skater.

"He was an excellent baseball giant. He has a beautiful skate family as well," she described.

CHP arrested 33-year-old David Perry, who's accused of firing multiple times at Mejorado's truck.

When Djuan first saw the news, she had a feeling it was her friend.

"There's plenty of names that are named Lou and I was like, no, that's my friend, that's my Lou, that's our Lou," she said.

She's now searching for answers to find out why someone would resort to such extreme violence, taking the life of a veteran and retired correctional officer.  

"What was so awful that made this person so angry to take my friend out like that," she said.

Djuan says her friend also earned his doctorate and was a family health therapist.  

As for the suspect, he's in jail with no bail and is expected to appear in court tomorrow.  


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