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Neighbors Brighten Up 92-Year-Old's Holiday Season

LINCOLN (CBS13) - A 92-year-old woman in Lincoln is getting a jump start on her Christmas decorations, but she's not doing it alone.

With a little help from friends, Dorothy Alexander is making the best of the holiday season, despite how different it is.

"I have four children and eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. I'm going to be alone for the first time."

Says Alexander, whose Lincoln neighbors were heartbroken to hear she'd be alone for the holidays: "It's sad. They're doing it for her own safety but it's sad."

Says Jenifer Stovall, who's lived next to Dorothy for seven years,

"Dorothy walked by my house next door and said how pretty the lights were and she wishes she could have her lights up. Her daughter who usually puts her lights up has Covid."

So Jenifer Stovall and her daughter's boyfriend, Brenden Shrum, stepped in to help.

"If you can bring a little bit of joy pay it forward there's things you can do and still be safe."

Jenifer Stovall got to work right away,

"Throughout the whole process, she was just excited to see the decorations being put on her house," she said.

"I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. I keep telling them thanks I could have never done it myself. I'm 92 and I don't even climb a ladder anymore," said Shrum

Alexander is pleased with her new decorations and knows just how to thank her Christmas elves.

"I'm going to fix them a nice dessert of some kind," she said.

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