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Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave - August 5, 2013

The guys started off talking about the A's losing 2 out of 3 and are the Rangers ready to take over control of the AL West?

In the "Beyond the Field" off sports headlines, Keith talked about a man's medical condition that causes orgasms when a man hears the James Bond theme.

Johnny Damon doesn't think Alex Rodriguez did anything wrong and Keith isn't happy about Damon's comments. Why would anyone jump on team A-Rod? Dave believes A-Rod SHOULD be suspended and the Yankees should have to pay his salary because both sides are to blame.

Keith and Dave discuss Tiger Woods' dominant performance at the Bridgestone. Is Woods the most dominant sports figure ever?

Monday's Five BIG questions:
1. Giants lost 2 out of 3 in Tampa Bay and Zito is no longer in the Giants rotation. How SHOULD Giants fans remember Zito's tenure as a Giant?
2. The A's dropped 2 out of 3 at home against Texas and have a 2.5 game lead in the AL West Is it time to worry for A's fans?
3. Matt Garza slammed Eric Sogard and his wife on twitter. What would you have said/done to Garza if he said that to your wife or girlfriend?
4. The A-Rod suspension should be coming today. Will we ever see A-Rod play major league baseball again?
5. NCAA is investigating Johnny Manziel for selling autographs. Should college athletes be able to profit off their signature? What advice would you give Johnny Football so he stays out of trouble?

Keith and Dave go over the latest headlines including Jerry Rice on the Pro Bowl, Vince Young trying out for the Packers, and Matt Garza's tweets.

The guys also talked about Nelson Cruz's suspension and how that impacts the Oakland A's.

Sacramento Kings president Chris Granger joined Keith and Dave and talks about the opportunity here in Sacramento, why this city is so special and what challenges face the franchise.

Keith was the biggest loser with most red cards of the day.

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