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Sierra Snowstorm Causes Trouble Along I-80 For Non-Essential Truck Drivers

APPLEGATE (CBS13) - State agencies have partially opened westbound and eastbound Interstate 80 after the freeway was closed because of a severe holiday snowstorm.

Though, non-essential trucks are still not allowed through the pass, frustrating drivers along their route.

"Crazy. This is insane," said Dastan Adam.

Adam was driving from California to Idaho before the holiday snowstorm cut his trip short.

"I didn't expect this weather," he said.

His truck was not allowed through the pass, so he was stuck along I-80 with nothing.

"No food, no restroom, nothing. No services. I'm just going back to the facility," Adam said, even if it means he's heading home empty handed. "[My job] won't pay because I didn't make a delivery on time."

Other drivers are still trying to complete their trip in time to salvage the holiday break.

"I want to drop the load and go home because I'm traveling to Puerto Rico and I don't want to lose my ticket. I'm a little frustrated," said truck driver Maritza Lopez.

Frustrations flared further east along I-80 on Tuesday. Families allowed to move through the mountains weren't stopped by snow, but by all of the chaos of delayed travelers.

"We started on the 50 ended up on the 80. We also got stuck in a ditch for an hour," said Brandon and Kelly Ellis.

Both, along with their two children and their dog, were heading from the Bay Area to Tahoe City when we met them going on hour 12.

Despite the headache, holiday hopefuls aren't giving up and are embracing the snow the best they can.

"Quality family time," Brandon Ellis said.

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