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Homeless Camps On The Rise In Sacramento Neighborhoods

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Homeless camps are set up feet from people's homes. They are on sidewalks, near lawns, and residents say they feel helpless.

"I don't want to come home after work and ask someone to move. This is not a public park. This is in front of my house," resident Nicole Pinckney said.

Residents in Sacramento neighborhoods say at this point it's a part of their daily lives. They are working around the homeless because nothing is being done.

"I had a little get together and the homeless guy was just laying on the sidewalk and people had to literally walk around him," Pinckney said.

The problem is police can't just tell them to move even if they're in front of your home.

"He usually shows up about five and spends the rest of the night on the sidewalk. To what end to have to put up with this, is what I want to know," neighbor Michele Puente said.

Because of a federal ruling, officers need to take several steps before removing someone who's sleeping on public property. They need to make sure shelter space is available, and offer resources. If there isn't space, or help available, they can't move anyone who's not a threat.

Officers say they will look into any reports, but the number you want to call is 311.

The Sacramento Police Department has an Impact team. The officers work to place the homeless in shelters and help clean up camps, but those calls are not going to have the same priority or response time, as an emergency.

If someone is drunk or violent, police will get involved. Homeless or not. Those calls are handled the same. If someone is sleeping on your private property, police will also come out. You will just need to sign off on a citizen's arrest.


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