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Grass Valley And Foothill Communities Bracing For Winter Snow

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – Monday brought unexpected white weather to the foothills. Places including Grass Valley and even Auburn braced for the snow to hit overnight and early Tuesday morning.

"We got snowed in up at our house so we took the Camry for a drive, well a spin, on the driveway so that we could get a pizza for our kids!" said Nicole Dunn.

Dunn and her husband Nathan made the journey from their Nevada City home to Grass Valley on Monday after an afternoon of falling flurries.

"Everything is freezing!" she said. "So cold up there."

But while Grass Valley was a welcome reprieve from the snow, it was short lived.

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"It's kind of crazy, it came out of nowhere and I was just on the highway," said Camille Plumadore. "It's definitely dangerous. It's like iced over."

She told CBS13 the slick road caught her off guard and forced her to turn around.

"I mean, I'm from up upstate New York so I'm not easily phased, but it's a little bit shocking out here," Plumadore said.

But of course, we found the guy who thinks 32 degrees screams "shorts weather."

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"It's actually not bad," said Jeremiah Prinz, who lives in Nevada County. "Hopefully if it snows over the streets and stuff, you can go snowboarding or snow skating or something. Have some fun in the snow!"

Meanwhile, people like Plumadore plan to ride out the storm within the warm walls of their home.

"Yeah, I'm going to get some pizza and some wine and go inside the house for the night," she said.

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