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'We Need To Suck It Up And Move Forward:' Former CA Republican Congressman Condemns Violence At US Capitol

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Frustration is mounting in California from members of President Trump's own party after Wednesday's events at the U.S. Capitol.

A day that was meant to affirm election results — an administrative duty performed every four years — was sidelined by violent demonstrations.

Large pro-Trump crowds stormed the nation's Capitol despite the efforts of the Capitol police to stop them. It was a moment that has members on both sides of the aisle begging President Trump to accept the loss and move on.

Former California Republican Congressman Doug Ose, a longtime supporter of President Trump based in Sacramento, said it's time for the president to accept the results of the election and condemned the protesters in Washington D.C.

"For 'patriots to do that.' That really pisses me off. I am a strong supporter of Donald Trump. I was his California chairman in 2016. But there comes a point in time when this is done. And we are all part of something larger than ourselves and we need to suck it up and move forward," Ose said.

Ose went on to tout Vice President Mike Pence's actions throughout the day saying he was brave to call in the National guard when President Trump refused to.

But Ose refuses to blame the president for the violence.

"No one was telling them to invade the capital," Ose said. "You can't blame some third party for that."

Current Congressman Ami Bera (D-California) was forced to hide inside the nation's Capitol while rioters lay siege to the building.

"All of us were ordered to take shelter lock doors and get to a safe place," Bera said. "There are folks that are domestic terrorists. Those are criminals, those are folks that are breaking the law."

Representative Bera says if it wasn't for the president, this wouldn't have happened.

"If you play with fire this is what happens and President Trump is the arsonist in chief here," Bera said.

California politicians on either side of the aisle do agree on one thing, President Trump is out. President-elect Biden is in.

"The peaceful transfer of power has to take place. I don't expect President Trump to acknowledge that he's a loser but that's what happened," Bera said.

The lawmakers and politicians we spoke to were not surprised to see protestors outside the capital today in D.C. They're hoping protests quell as we get closer to inauguration day.

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