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Diesel The Pet Donkey Is Lost In The Wild

AUBURN (CBS13) — A pet donkey has been on the run and missing since Saturday, and family is now asking the public for help.

"Come on Jack, come on," said Terrie Drewery at her ranch outside of Auburn.

missing runaway donkey
Photo of Diesel the donkey provided to SWARM Search and Rescue.

Part of Jack's pack is missing. His burro buddy has been lost in the woods. Terrie Drewery, his human mother, is trying to console the rest of her herd left behind, anyway she can.

"I promise I'm trying," she reached down and kissed the two-year-old miniature donkey.

The taller of the two donkeys on the ranch, Diese, went trail packing with his human father Dave and the family's black llama Saturday when something went terribly wrong.

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"Diesel got spooked by something and literally drug Dave through the bushes," she said it happened with Diesel's knapsack still on. "All of that gear can get tangled up and if he gets tangled up and he's just a sitting duck for predators and he can't get to water or food."

Because of the steep and rough terrain, the Drewry's will need help from horseback and a drone, the easiest way to get in and out of the area.

"I was cautioned by other people to get BLM's approval and I finally got their verbal approval today to get back in there with drones," she said and they plan to have it in the air by Wednesday.

Diesel was, in fact, a Bureau of Land Management wild burro adopted by the Drewry's. Now he's lost somewhere near the Judge Davis Trail by Wilson Valley, a part of the Cache Creek Wilderness that's nearly 30,000 acres.

"Getting him home is what we want, just getting him home," she said.

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While Dave has been at work, Terrie has been by Jack's side trying to organize a hike to find their guy.

"He's not aggressive, he's a lover, but right now he's scared," Drewry said.

His brother Jack is just as sad.

"It's heartbreaking especially when he starts braying, it just breaks your heart, it's like he's crying," she said.

Now the family is fueled with a desire to find Diesel before he's harmed back out in the wild.

"He is a part of my family, he's part of my pack and my pack is not complete right now," she said.

He responds to his name and can be tempted with treats. Please contact Dave Drewry at (530)330-2673 or Terrie Drewry (916)417-8442 if you spot him. The group is trying to organize a trail crew, contact the two if you can help.

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