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Workers Worried As Coronavirus Fears Slow Business

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Nightlife might not look the same with quarantines and people being told to avoid crowded places. It's a mixed bag in Sacramento's Midtown where some restaurants have enjoyed business as usual and others worry they'll have to cut hours.

Myha Sanderford did not take as many orders as she usually does on a Friday night at Buckhorn BBQ. The booths weren't full, the lines weren't long and that's not typical for a Friday night.  She blames fear over the coronavirus.

"There's usually a lot more people, we still have some customers, obviously people who want to continue to support us through this time, but we usually have a lot more," said Sanderford.

But just around the corner, it's a different scene at Paesano's, where employees say they saw steady business.

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"A concert, we probably wouldn't want to go to. But in a restaurant it feels like there's space and we know they're taking precautions and we want businesses like this one and others to stay in business, I mean it would be horrible," said customer Jessica Hein.

Sisters Mariama and Sophina McDaniel aren't willing to give up their weekend life.

"Mental health is just as important as everyday health and sometimes stress alone can lower your immune system," said Sophina McDaniel.

"You have to live! If you're just scared and you let fear take over you, you're not going to live your life," said Mariama McDaniel.

Myha Sanderford went back to work hoping the night picks up.  She depends on this job and if sales continue to drop, she worries so will her hours.

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"I don't have my parents' help or anything, so I have to support myself.  So I pay my rent, my bills everything so I rely on my job for one hundred percent income," said Sanderford.

Faces nightclub owner tells CBS13 he's worried the governor will start shutting down nightclubs like his to keep people from gathering in crowded spaces.

Faces can hold more than 1,800 people. They've set up hand sanitizer stations throughout the club, workers are wearing gloves and the security guard outside greets the line with a face mask on, making sure everyone uses hand sanitizer before entering.

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