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Classic Camaro Stolen From Cameron Park Auto Repair Shop

CAMERON PARK (CBS13) — A Cameron Park man says a burglar stole a classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro from his auto repair shop.

The owner says the suspect broke a window with a hammer and went inside the office. Once he got into the office, the $50,000 car was gone in two minutes flat.

Surveillance video shows the suspect creeping through the repair shop in coveralls, a big floppy hat and gloves.

"He knew what he wanted. He definitely had a purpose and intent," said Rod Posner.

He says the suspect targeted his client's classic Camaro. Posner was hoping to replace the old engine with a new, custom-built one, but before that happened, the suspect worked quickly.

"Raised the cover up, thorugh the cover off, got in the car," he said.

Posner says the surveillance video then shows the suspect breaking the roll-up door padlock and then driving the car away.

"Obviously he's done this before," he said.

Posner says he and El Dorado County sheriff's deputies made it to the shop minutes after the break-in, but the car was long gone.

"I was heartbroken; I wanted to cry," he said.

Posner is now hoping someone steps forward with information.

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