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Case Closed: Call Kurtis Volunteer Helps Viewer Resolve Registration Issue With The DMV

When Melody Lambson bought a new car more than a year ago, she was issued temporary registration by her dealership and told to wait for the official DMV papers in the mail. After not receiving anything for months, she reached back out.

Her dealership told her that they had accidentally transposed her new car's VIN number when they reported it to the DMV. But when she went to the DMV to try and correct the issue, she was told that she couldn't be helped because she wasn't the registered owner.

Melody tried for more than a year to get her paperwork finalized. Her temporary registration expired and the dealership she bought her car at changed ownership. She was told she couldn't be helped. Finally, she called Kurtis.

Thankfully, Chuck – a volunteer who has been with the Call Kurtis team for 16 years now – was on the case.

"It just didn't seem like the DMV and the car dealer were able to come together," said Chuck. "I think it's when we got involved and got them both on the same page that they were successful."

It took a few weeks, but Chuck managed to get the dealership and the DMV talking to each other. After a few weeks, Melody received her registration, a new license plate and set of tags, in the mail.

Case closed. Thanks, Chuck!

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